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Tsunami Cutting Boards are now available through Amazon Prime! Simply click the button below to order from there.

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The fastest cutting board in the world

  • Bigger

    Simply shove the cut food over to the side by the wave.  This conveniently saves space; essentially doubling the size of the working area so you can keep on working.

  • Safer

    Quickly and easily wipe both sides of the knife blade on the wave lip to remove food. No more exposing your fingers to a sharp blade in order to clean the knife.

  • Easier

    Tilt the Tsunami cutting board sideways and easily transfer food from the wave’s curl into a bowl or serving area quickly without spills. Fast and simple.


Designed in Brooklyn

Tsunami is a home goods design brand located in Brooklyn, New York.  We are focused on bringing the most useful products to your home.


What type of plastic is it made of?

The cutting board is made from a polypropylene plastic. We chose this as it is considered the safest of all plastic types and the one manufacturers use for baby products. It is waterproof, heat resistant and also safe for long term food storage.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes!  The Tsunami cutting board is made of a dishwasher safe plastic.  The curve fits in the dishwasher, even in the dish slots.

Does it store easily?

Absolutely! Not only does it slide easily upright and sideways into storage, but it also stands stylishly upright on the counter out of the way and ready for quick easy access.

Do I need more than one?

We have found that some people like to have one for meat and one for vegetables/fruits.  It comes in four colors so you can buy a color for each use.